Nous avons trouvé une ancienne carte de Roxboro dans la collection de Marc Locas dans les archives de l’hôtel de ville de l’arrondissement  Pierrefonds/Roxboro qui démontre qu’il y avait 2 gares à peu de distance l’une de l’autre.

We found an old map in the Marc Locas archives in the Pierrefonds/Roxboro archives which shows that there were 2 train stations a short ddistance from one another.

Carte avec 2 gares Gare de Roxboro, 1 Mars 2011 Ancienne gare de Ste Geneviève (Côte)


Comment from a reader: The original station was Ste Geneviève one – the Roxboro one built later was at the corner of Commercial street. Both were used for a few years before they closed the one at 5th ave and 5th street, even removing the stairs and opened an entrance at the far end of the shopping centre so we could enter from either end. I’m not sure when they arranged for permission to park in the shopping centre but I know it was before 1954, when I was attending the school upstairs, beside the Pierrefonds city hall « Notre Dame des Neiges Commercial College ».