Sous toutes reserves – Without prejudice

Sent to the Suburban Aug 8 2013

Dear Editor, The Suburban

Re: Roxboro resident and borough clash over centennial planning
The Suburban, online August 7 2013
Article available on page 43 at this link here

As an active member of the Association of Proprietors and Residents of Pierrefonds-Roxboro (APRPR) may I ask that the Suburban immediately publish online corrections for the above mentioned article. Corrections should also appear in the next paper copy of the Suburban.

(1) It should be clearly stated that Mr. René Champagne of Roxboro, referred to in the article, is not vice president of the Association of Proprietors and Residents of Pierrefonds-Roxboro (APRPR).

(2) If we review (minutes of the APRPR meetings available here, it can be shown that the topic of centennial activities had been brainstormed informally at our meetings since March 21 2011. This early brainstorming was done in a spirit of creating awareness about the upcoming milestone and not necessarily to take charge of the centennial events.

(3) We cannot find in the minutes of the APRPR a mention of APRPR adopting a resolution to take charge of centennial year activities. APRPR as a non-political watchdog type association, has always been interested in informing residents of a broad range of topics like the upcoming centennial but not to take charge of these events.

It is not clear at all why a reference in the article was made to a vice-president.

Though the registration paperwork for APRPR was completed in June 2012, (see info at this link here – aprpr registration) there has not been since that date an official meeting of members to formally adopt a final version of the charter and elect a board of directors for APRPR. (click here for Draft charter info)

There is interest in adopting a formal charter and a board of directors. However there have been too many ongoing critical issues in Pierrefonds-Roxboro, and only so many hours in a day, that members have had to focus on fighting local issues instead.

And though an official board of directors is not yet in place, some residents have still been very active.

An APRPR website has been online for a few years now and has helped members, residents and the media read about the many local issues affecting Pierrefonds-Roxboro.

This APRPR website even attracted the attention of the Charbonneau commission investigators. After finding APRPR information online, the investigators invited a resident for an interview to ask questions regarding some of the details presented online. The investigator complimented the quality of the research presented on the APRPR site.

A local Roxboro octogenarian and history expert has been posting information in our history section about Pierrefonds-Roxboro and the west island in general.

This summer, residents have to use their vacation time to try and protect the site of a historic Maison Theoret from being impacted by the borough wanting to approve a 115+ unit condo development via a new bylaw the borough itself recently introduced. The borough is also choosing this time to make a myriad of hard to follow corrections to the zoning bylaw and this even though taxpayers had just spent $300,000 to Daniel Arbour in 2010 for an overhaul of the said zoning bylaw. DDO is building condos in part of what is known as the Roxboro forest. And next Monday Aug 12, there is a chance the controversial 5th Ave N development project will be presented at the borough Urban Planning and Advisory Committee (UPAC) meeting, again, forcing residents to take what should be their family vacation time to voice their opinions at a summer evening meeting.

We invite interested residents to visit the APRPR web site ( and if more residents could become involved, then we might have a chance to finalize the wording of our charter and elect a board of directors for the APRPR, including a vice-president position.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or further questions on this topic.

Lewis Poulin
107 General Brock, Roxboro
tel: 514-684-3398
member of APRPR