We know little about this small house, other than it was inhabited by several Richer generations. The first member of the family who inhabited the property was Charles Richer dit Louveteau. When Louis Cousineau died in 1832, he inherited the land of three arpents wide by fifteen arpents in length with a barn and other buildings.

Charles Richer dit Louveteau handed down the property to his son Charles en 1846. However, a notarized document of 1849 confirms that Charles Richer, father, inherited subdivision 91 of his former land which is the lot on which the present house is built.

The exterior of the house has maintained its original appearance. However, the interior has no doubt been completely redone due to the ravages of a fire.

Source: Ville de Pierrefonds 1994 – Son Patrimoine – Son Architechture

Guy Billard

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