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Thanks to Mr. Ed Hoyer for these Train de l’Ouest updates.

2011-01-05The Suburban – Train de l’Ouest picks up steam thanks to tenacious founders


2010-09-27 – Video – Last Train to Rigaud – Patrick Barnard

Here is the video « The Last Train to Rigaud » produced by Patrick Barnard and we hope this little film gets a lot of mileage because it tells, evocatively, a very important story. This is part of the Canadian/North American story…


2010-10-13 – Next Train de l’ouest meeting, 1:30 pm


2010-09-14 – Presentation by Joel Gauther of the AMT
( – Click here to view Mr. Gauthier’s presentation)

– Today, Mr. Joel Gauthier of the AMT (Agence Métropolitain de Transport) announced they want to spend close to $700 million to improve the Ste-Anne de Bellevue to Montreal train line.
– They want to offer train service every 12 minutes during rush-hour & every 30 minutes during the rest of the day, from 6am to midnight.

– Recently, the ADM (Aéroport de Montréal) announced that it hopes to construct a dedicated track and operate a shuttle from the Dorval airport to Montreal, at a cost of $600 million.

– But, we need more than a shuttle to the airport, said Clifford Lincoln and George Nydam, who formed a committee and called it “Train de l’Ouest.” They were concerned for the 370,000 people living in the West Island, who need transportation for work, for school, for hospital visits and for cultural events.

– Last year at Calgary, a few people from CP rail and the AMT struck a committee and hired experts to study the global transportation situation. They studied nine different track routes, and concluded that the CN and CP were the two best routes.

– The exact route has not been decided. AMT is not against the shuttle idea, as proposed by the ADM, but wants to offer a global solution to commuters, including the integration with bus routes, the Métro, and perhaps taxi-bus solutions.

– Exact details of the renovations needed at both Central Station and Lucien Lallier station, where the dedicated tracks will go, or a timeline, were not discussed.

– Another problem, namely noise, was overlooked. Mr. Gauthier did mention that eventually, they hope to electrify the routes, both to save money, cut down on pollution, and reduce the noise.

– Parking was not discussed. This alone could be a major headache around the train stations.


2010-09-08 – Train de l’ouest meeting

We had a very productive meeting on September 8, 2010 at 1:30pm in the building of West Island Concertation, 1000 Blvd St-Jean, DDO. About 10 people were present.

George Nydam made a presentation about the facts as they now stand: ADM wants to build the shuttle direct from the airport to downtown, and get some $200 million from the Provincial government, total cost about $400 million.

Mr. Nydam has been meeting with several mayors from W.I. boroughs, and they agree that we should have a global plan, to benefit all W.I. residents and commuters (go to school, job, hospital visits, visit friends, tourists, etc.)


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