Sous toutes réserves / Without prejudice

Wi-Fi et les tours de téléphonie cellulaire dans nos quartiers
on Wi-Fi and cell phone towers in our neighbourhoods

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Cliquez ici pour voir une carte de distribution des tours à téléphonie cellulaire / Click here to see a map showing the distribution of cell phone towers

Une expérience – La puissance émise par un cellulaire
An experiment – power emitted by a cellphone

– The instrument on the top image is the 8GHz RF meter from
– It is measuring background levels below 0,001 microW/cm2.
– The bottom image show an operating cell phone (in active communicating mode) emitting around 0.8 microW/cm2 and it can go as high as 2 microW/cm2.
– Interestingly, it appears Wi-Fi networks offered in major hotels can also emit similar RF levels (about 0.5 microW/cm2)

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Juin/June 2010 Pierrefonds-Roxboro
Nouveau règlement qui facilitera la mise en place de ce type de tours
New bylaw that will likely make it easier to approve installation of new towers

Pas de tour dans ma cour! – Echo de l’Ouest
Voir aussi – Attention aux articles de l’Echo de l’Ouest

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West End Times – Letter to Editor – Church Tower Antenna – includes comments about Sept 7 2010 Pierrefonds-Roxboro council meeting

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Pierrefonds residents fighting Rogers Tellus antenna – West Island Chronicle

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West End Times – Is Wi-Fi Safe in Schools? EMSB Official Responds

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West End Times – Article – Wi-Fi Bad? Click here to read the article

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Tours récemment proposees/approuvées / Recently proposed/approved towers
Cliquez ici pour lire au sujet de la réunion du 7 sept 2010 qui a traite de la proposition d’installer une tour sur la rue Colin a Pierrefonds-Roxboro.
– Le nouveau règlement relatif aux usages conditionnels a un impact sur le type de consultations publiques.
– Lisez aussi cette Lettre a l’éditeur du West End Times au sujet de cette réunion

Click here to read about the Spet 7 2010 council meeting discussion on the proposal to install a cell phone tower on Colin in Pierrefonds-Roxboro.
– The conditional uses zoning bylaw may impact public consultations.
– See also this Letter to Editor – Church Tower Antenna – West End Times – includes comments about Sept 7 2010 Pierrefonds-Roxboro council meeting

2010-07-12 réunion du CCU – UPAC meeting
Propose / Proposed – tour/tower rue Colin
Approuvé par le CCU – Pierrefonds-Roxboro – Approved by the UPAC
Cliquez ici pour voir l’endroit – Église Saint Barnabas, 12 301 Rue Colin, Pierrefonds-Roxboro – Click here to view the location
Approuvé à l’aide du règlement d’usage conditionnels / Approved using conditional uses bylaw

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Antenne installee sans permit / Antenna installed without a permit

2010-08-26Pierrefonds orders antenna removed

2010-07-21Borough investigating antenna without a permit

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Prudence and prevention may be a good option especially if one considers that the EMF level around a cell phone (or other handheld browsers) is much higher than what comes to us from the cell towers.

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Liens d’intérêt / Links of interest

Web site of Dr. Magda Havas with many links of interest – a great link for the most recent information

EMF-related non profit organisations

Canadian Initiative to Stop Wireless Electric and Electromagnetic Pollution (WEEPInitiative)
Council on Wireless Technology Impacts (CWTI)
EMR Policy Institute (EMRPI) in the US
HESE and the EM Radiation Research Trust (EMRRT) in the UK
International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS) in the EU
Nationaal Platform Stralingsrisicos (NPS) in the Netherlands

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Santé Canada – Tours de téléphonie cellulaire (English page available via English link when page is loaded)

This paper is a summary of the newer INTERPHONE study (involving 13 countries). This study now points to the lack of a direct relationship between cell phone usage and brain tumors.
2007 – December
This paper is the published summary of the Bioinitiative Report ( which recommends that all schools should stay away from WI-FI connections and stay with wired networks for their computers. this paper (from Europe) appears to document clear evidence for EMF exposure and stress, breast cancer, and for childhood leukaemia.

It appears authorities in Canada dispute these findings. (if one reads Habash et al, J. Toxicol. Environ. Health B Crit. Rev. 2009, April 12, page 250-266)

Click here to read the minutes of The Board of School Trustees of School District No. 39 (Vancouver) who decided to ban cell phone antenna near Vancouver schools.

The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast on the Incidence of Cancer