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Readings for the period 2004-2009

The first image below shows the number of weeks in recent summers when coliform readings taken at the Rivière des Prairies (RDP) station 140 in Pierrefonds-Roxboro were greater than 900. The second image shows the log values of the coliform readings from the station.

We can see that high coliform readings were common. Values greater than 1000 (log(1000)=3) are considered polluted. In the first image below a threshold value of 900 was used instead of 1000 to also indicate case when water was near to being considered polluted.

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Click here to access a pdf document with the original data.

Attention Science Students – Help Wanted Those interested in analyzing this data further are welcome to click here to download an Excel spreadsheet with the RDP-140 data obtained from the above pdf document.

Monitoring will begin again in May 2010 and when it does, results will be accessible in real time by clicking here