Saviez vous que nous avons 14 parcs à Roxboro? M. Guy Billard de Roxboro a préparé le montage ci-dessous pour vous introduire aux parcs de Roxboro


Montage no. 1: Parc Île Roxboro, 5e avenue nord, Roxboro:


Montage no. 2: Parc Louise Deschênes, 3e rue nord, Roxboro:


Montage no. 3: Parc 5e avenue NW/Boul. Gouin O., Roxboro:


À Noter: Ce parc apparaît sur une carte de Roxboro avant les fusions et ne semble pas avoir la même vocation aujourd’hui. Je ferai des recherches pour connaître la vocation présente.

Notice: This parc appears on an old Roxboro map before the fusions but appears to have a different vocation today. I will do some research to know it’s present status.

Montage parc no. 4: Parc Jean Brillant (Rue Jean Brillant):


Comments from: Sue Singleton, Roxboro Community Pool, Dec. 22, 2016:

The pool and the park area on BOTH sides of the pool are visited by 150 people each day in the summer months , it is most likely the most visited pool and park area in roxboro in the summer months.
Please note that the small grass area is park area on the east side of the pool. There is also a small strip that goes along the east side of the pool that is city land. Just in the last 4 years the city is starting to maintain it but not good enough because the trees were not tended to and their roots are interfering with the pool. This is a concern of the city that they do not seem to be concerned with . The city is negligent with regards to this topic.
Sue singleton

Montage No. 5: Parc Gouin (Boul. Gouin O, et 2e rue), Roxboro:


Montage no. 6, Parc Lalande (3e ave.sud), Roxboro:


Montage no. 7 Parc Jacinthe Fyfe (11e ave et 9e ave) Roxboro:


Montage no. 8 Parc William Barrett (11e et 9e avenue) Roxboro:


Montage No. 9 Parc Ovide T. Baciu (Parc Roxboro) (11e ave et 11e rue), Roxboro:


Montage no. 10 Parc du Boisé (rue du Boisé) Roxboro:


Montage no. 11 Parc Victor P. Gray (18e ave) Roxboro:


Montage no. 12 Parc 15e ave/11e rue, Roxboro:


Montage no. 13 Parc Montgomery, Roxboro:


Montage no. 14 Parc Jason, Roxboro:montage-no-14-parc-jason


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