Inquietudes – Concerns
Centre de filtration d’eau – Pierrefonds – Water treatment plant

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Il y a des préoccupations croissantes au sujet des contrats en cours, des futurs contrats et des activités pour le traitement de l’eau usine Pierrefonds situe au 18025 Boul. Gouin ouest a Pierrefonds Roxboro. Il est préoccupant pour les contribuables que les projets coûteux de cette échelle ne semblent pas avoir de mécanismes intégrés pour protéger les contribuables contre les dépassements de coûts et des pénalités résultant de la manière dont les décisions sont prises pour annuler les contrats

There are increasing concerns about ongoing contracts and activities for the Pierrefonds water treatment plant located at 18025 Boul. Gouin ouest in Pierrefonds Roxboro. It is of concern to taxpayers that expensive projects of this scale do not appear to have built-in mechanism to protect taxpayers from cost overruns and from penalties resulting from the manner in which decisions are made to cancel contracts
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Mayors demand probe into cost overruns at Montreal water filtration plant – Montreal Gazette
– The island suburban mayors and the opposition at Montreal city hall are calling for an investigation into municipal contracts that were awarded during the past decade to upgrade the Pierrefonds water filtration plant since learning this week that the investments have so far topped $73 million and that bid patterns, changing estimates and a small group of firms winning the contracts raise questions about how the project has been managed.

25 Octobre 2016 October 25
Contracts awarded for Montreal water filtration plant raise questions – Montreal Gazette

24 Octobre 2015 October 24
Costs mounting for Montreal water filtration plant in Pierrefonds – Montreal Gazette
– Montreal has been in the process of upgrading its water filtration plant in Pierrefonds for a dozen years, and by all indications it’s not about to stop.

30 mars 2015 March 30
City hid added cost of suspending city contracts at Pierrefonds water-treatment plant – Montreal Gazette
– A decision by Montreal civil servants to suspend $12 million in renovation work at a municipal water-filtration plant in Pierrefonds that went nearly unnoticed is resulting in at least $500,000 in contract penalties for the city.

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Montreal Gazette

Re: Murkiness at the Pierrefonds water filtration plant requires follow-up
Editorial: Murkiness at the Pierrefonds water filtration plant requires followup

It may not be that surprising to some that a project in Pierrefonds-Roxboro appear to merit further scrutiny.

Members of the Association of Pierrefonds Roxboro Proprietors and Residents (APRPR) of which I am a member have been asking for some time now questions about contracts, project management, quality of road work and how bylaws are changed and enforced.

Here are some other observations we have noted that are found of interest:

– A borough bylaw was changed to give council permission to hold a council meeting by having someone who is not a lawyer and not trained as a clerk to replace the borough clerk who is a lawyer. This could be potentially risky behaviour since the person replacing the borough clerk likely does not have detailed knowledge of bylaws and procedures. Residents and council would be at a disadvantage if technical questions were asked at a meeting where the official borough clerk was not present. This was brought to the attention of council at the time. And just recently, an error in proceedings occurred at a regular council meeting with the full time borough clerk with legal training and another councillor with legal training both present. Even this error in proceedings was to our knowledge never acknowledged or corrected in the minutes of the council meeting. ( )

– Recently the bureau du vérificateur general pointed out project management problems with the Valleycrest pool project in our borough which ended up costing taxpayers almost 1 million dollars more than originally forecast. The borough’s decision to rush the call for tenders in the summer of 2013 appears to be in part responsible for receiving bids that were higher than expected. Yet the borough proceeded anyway. Then there appears to be project management tracking methods and additional expenses that came under scrutiny. It is not clear if and how the borough and administration ever acknowledged the verificateur’s report and which corrections they have put in place on ongoing and future projects. ( )

– I have personally asked on many occasions at council meetings why some contracts were being given to low bidders when it was noted that additional cost approvals followed afterwards. In some cases the cost of the original low bid plus additional expenses paid afterwards was higher than some of the other bidders for the same contract – so in the end it appeared the taxpayers had to pay more. I keep asking these types of questions but I don`t usually find the answers reassuring.

– We learned recently that this summer`s construction work on Gouin Boulevard will actually be put to bed for the winter and restarted next year. It appears that bedrock was present that was too hard for traditional methods to break up and blasting was required which slowed down the work. It does make one wonder why the need now to go deeper, and one could ask why the presence of this type of bedrock was not known (we are after all in a location called Pierrefonds). And was there not major construction work done when Gouin Boulevard when in the past it was widened to 4 lanes? Why was this not blasted out in previous work done on Gouin? ( )

– One resident noted after local roadwork that relatively new sidewalks were quickly developing cracks. He asked council why there is not a higher level of quality control and follow up with the contractor when the work done appears to start breaking shortly after it is done. Is this a reflection of project management aspects that can be improved? (

– Recently council approved money to repair the green roof at the relatively new East community center in the borough. Some may wonder why the need for roof repairs on a building that can be considered relatively new?

– And we have the multi-million dollar expansion of the new library in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. It appears it is up to residents to try and track what the ongoing costs are for this project. ( ) Repeated requests for the borough to offer a web page with ongoing costs for this project have been denied. And just recently it was announced that more of the costs will now be paid by the central city. While some councillors seem to rejoice that others will now be paying more of the bill, some residents are concerned costs associated with the project will now be more difficult to track.

– We know zoning bylaws are important. Yet in 2010 when the borough hired a consultant to merge and revamp the zoning bylaws of Pierrefonds and Roxboro, the borough mayor acknowledged, prior to adopting the new zoning bylaw, that she had not read them and she did not appear to know or care if other councillors had read them either. And this despite the fact it was pointed out to them that the meta information of the bylaws to be adopted contained information that referred to other cities in Quebec (some bylaws still have this information). Since then a number of corrections have since had to be adopted for various reasons to correct some items in the zoning bylaws. Residents had requested prior to their adoption, that a side by side presentation of the old and new bylaws be offered to residents to more clearly know what was being changed – yet this was denied by the borough.

– There have also been repeated questions asking for clarifications on borough finances. While the borough does publish many numbers on a financial web page, it is left to residents to know how to find and wade through these numbers. There are some areas that remain unaddressed. Like what appears to be the ongoing practice of preparing a budget that does not include a forecast of how much council anticipates to be taking from the borough surplus in the coming year. This leaves the impression that the management of the surplus is done separately from the main budget and that the surplus can potentially be used as a slush fund when council deems it necessary to dip into it. These expenses do appear in the council minutes but they are below the radar of the vast majority of residents.

– We have noted recently a number of subsidies given out to various groups. Despite repeated requests, there is no easy to use method that residents can use n real time to follow when and where the money is going to. In one case, we are waiting patiently to see, if what we have heard on the street is true, i.e. that one person we know of who is working for a group receiving such subsidies is planning to be a candidate for a major party in the upcoming municipal elections.

We are thankful for the residents who persist and keep asking questions to council and for the media and investigative journalists who work hard to bring to light important details and information for the benefit of taxpayers and the administration.

Lewis Poulin

Déménagement de la Maison McConnell – Moving of the McConnell home

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La maison Edgar Campbell Budge achetée par M. Herbert J. McConnell en 1944 a été déménagée en novembre 1987 pour faire place à la rue Morandière. Les photos ont été prises au coin de Château-Pierrefonds et du Boulevard Gouin ouest. Elle est maintenant le Centre Communautaire de Pierrefonds, 13850 boul Gouin Ouest, Pierrefonds, juste à l’est du boul St-Jean, côté sud, photo du bas.

The M. Budge House bought by M. Herbert J. McConnell in 1944 was moved in november 1987 to create Morandière street. The 2 top photos where taken at the corner of Château-Pierrefonds and west Gouin Boul. It is now the Pierrefonds Cultural Center , 13850 west Gouin boul. , Pierrefonds, just east of St-Jean boul., south side, bottom photo.




Information et photos par Michel Vinet,  Souvenances des Villages de l’Île Bizard et de la Côte de Sainte-Geneviève (Facebook 16 octobre 2016) et André Laniel de la Société Patrimoine et Histoire de l’Île Bizard et Ste-Geneviève.