Vos idees pour revitaliser le secteur commercial de Roxboro
Your ideas to revitalize Roxboro commercial sector

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Nous vous invitons a utiliser la section commentaires dessous pour nous laisser vos commentaires et idées sur comment on pourrait revitaliser le secteur commercial de Roxboro, i.e. le secteur en proximité de la gare de train Roxboro-Pierrefonds.

Vos commentaires seront ensuite affichés ici et collectés avec les autres commentaires.

We invite you to use the comments section below to leave your comments and ideas on how we could revitalize the commercial sector of Roxboro i.e. the area around the Roxboro-Pierrefonds train station.

Comments will be posted here and collected along with other comments.

Roxboro resident

-Improve parking at the train station
-Improve bus routes to Commercial Center
-Improve the layout of Commercial Center, businesses, traffic lights, stores, etc.
– The other idea is to build another train station where the CN line crosses Autoroute 13, so people coming from Laval don’t have to travel so far.
– A third suggestion is to double track from Roxboro to St-Laurent, so more trains can use the track.

A Roxboro resident:

Could we not attract downtown businesses to Roxboro – there would be excellent train service in the a.m. as the trains come to Roxboro pretty much empty I think in the a.m. and return to Montreal almost empty in the pm – one would think if the rental rate for startups and innovative businesses was attractive that we could attract businesses there – in conjunction with the AMT – a promotion maybe – people working in businesses that are located in areas opposite to the main flow of people could get discounts on their AMT passes?

A Roxboro resident:

A completely new approach for central Roxboro?

– See the innovative arch structure shown on the page at this link here along with the accompanying text there

– Could we not completely revamp the whole area including the AMT parking lot, centre commercial and possibly some adjacent streets

– Imagine if we could install a multi purpose set of buildings that include: a few thousand residences (condos?) businesses, indoor pool, entertainment

– and an underground parking lot for AMT commuters – essentially redo the whole area but do it right so the reconstruction of that area would solve many problems at once

– including offering the chance to the Anse a l’orme developpers to build there instead of in west Pierrefonds – the developers get to build, we promote efficient housing, we attract businesses, the cost of solving the parking and pool and infrastructure is included in the cost of the project

– and green space gets protected out in west Pierrefonds

Flyers to promote local businesses:

How about printing a flyer, say weekly or bi-weekly, to advertise specials in Roxboro. It could be distributed in and around Roxboro to get more customers for our businesses.

Un résident de Roxboro suggère:

Est ce que Bell pourrait céder une partie de son stationnement ?

A Roxboro resident suggests:

I guess we can basically start with making the lamp posts functional directly on the corner of rue commercial and 4th avenue south. Clearly the busiest corner in the area and yet there are 3 lamp posts out! 3 of them for over a year now. That corner building is full with business tenants and yet it is the only area with lamp posts out! (3 of them)
Daycare parents are dropping off children during dark hours.
Business owners are coming to and from work in the dark hours
Children are being picked up after classes in the dark hours.
A bus stop is directly under one of the lamp posts not working.
We have brought this to the city attention over a year ago and still nothing.
We want progress in Roxboro and yet we do not support what is there with the basics !

A condo in the area would be good to revamp the area. There already are many businesses. They need the people.

Should be some kind of rule that if people from outlying areas come to the Roxboro Pierrefonds train station…they need to have proof that they do business in that area! why not, they are taking up parking spots in the area and giving nothing back to the area. They should have to do business there and help with the area they choose to park at every morning for their convenience…just saying

I believe everyone living near Roxboro train station OPPOSE most of the ideas suggested by the Roxboro resident which are expensive and detrimental to the quality of life of the low-density, « garden city » plan for and heritage of Roxboro:

– underground parking lot for AMT commuters

– including offering the chance to the Anse a l’orme developers to build there instead of in west Pierrefonds – the developers get to build, we promote efficient housing, we attract businesses, the cost of solving the parking and pool and infrastructure is included in the cost of the project.

– and green space gets protected out in west Pierrefonds.

The solutions for traffic and limited parking is low-tech and inexpensive: walk, bike, use public transport or get a lift to the train station as many of us already do.

There is a better alternative for an urban boulevard in the west Pierrfonds and Kirkland – a pedestrian and bicycle bridge to Ile Bigras:


This solution is a priority in the 2005 urban plan of the city of Montreal for the borough. We do not have a way to measure how elected officials follow through on projects that respect or not the urban plan. There is also a sensible plan to build a direct pedestrian and bike path next to the AMT Deux Montagne train servitude. So far I have seen no progress on this.

Les 8 Anciens Manoirs de Pierrefonds Saraguay 8 Ancient Manors

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Voici une autre façon de répresenter les 8 anciens manoirs de Pierrefonds Saraguay que j’ai numéroté afin de mieux les identifier.


Here is another way of representing the 8 ancient manors in Pierrefonds Saraguay which makes eaasier to locate as each manor is numbered including on the map.

Ancienne Carte Village Turcot 1913 Old Map

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Ancienne carte du « Village Turcot » de 1913 démontrant entre autres les endroits suivants:

Chemin Upper Lachine (Rue St-Jacques)                                                                                                                 Round House                                                                                                                                                                   Grand Trunk Railway (Cour Turcot)                                                                                                                     Rue Notre Dame                                                                                                                                                    Petite Rivière St-Pierre                                                                                                                                           Chemin de la Côte St-Paul                                                                                                                                      Rue St-Rémi

Il y a beaucoup de construction à cet endroit et ou on a découvert l’historique « Village des Tanneries ».

Village Turcot 1913

Old 1913 map showing the « Village Turcot » including the above areas. There is much construction going on in that area and it is where the historical « Village des Tanneries » was discovered.