Sign the petition to try and save the Bluefin Tuna?

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In this the International Year of Biodiversity, we can try and save the Bluefin Tuna by clicking here to sign the Avaaz petition

If you have already signed the Avaaz petition, please reach out to your contacts to follow your example.

We still have time to make a major contribution of which we will be proud. But we must act and do the outreach now.

The loss of the BlueFin tuna, whose breeding population, according to recent projections, will be extinct by 2012, will have enormous repercussions for the environment AND for the global economy. This will have a tragic and irreversible domino effect throughout the bluefin’s range and beyond. An entire oceanic food web will unravel. This is not an acceptable legacy to pass on to future generations. It is up to ethical, compassionate and responsible people, such as we are, to make the difference.

If there are any doubts about the extreme risks our oceans (and planet) are facing — these links to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) reports are revelatory:

World Wildlife Fund report – ICCAT Business as usual or bluefin saviour

World Wildlife Fund report – International investigation reveals massive fraud in Mediterranean bluefin tuna fishery

Click here for an article by Dr. Daniel Pauly a preeminent authority on ocean ecosystems and sustainable fishing

Other actions you can do:
– get your beneficial omega 3 fatty acids from botanical sources
– some people choose to avoid salwater fish from most sources
– some have not eaten tuna since the early 1970’s
– some who purchase saltwater fish, make sure their markets purchases fish from tuna friendly suppliers – ask for proof that they are doing so

West Island Highway 40E Congestion – Insights from a simple traffic model

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Sous toutes reserves – Without prejudice

This page is to promote a greater awareness of facts related to the discussions on how best to resolve traffic congestion issues in west Pierrefonds and the west island. With the millions of dollars proposed for some of the projects promoted, taxpayers deserve to see more details that support the proposed solutions and to be able to evaluate how environmentally sustainable those solutions really are.

Autoroute 440 extension won’t get Quebec funding: PQ – Montreal Gazette

Worth meets with City of Montreal on 440 extension

2013-02-07 – Construction of an urban boulevard in the right-of-way of Highway 440: A consensual project – City of Montreal Communique

Un boulevard urbain dans l’emprise de l’autoroute 440 – Communique Ville de Montreal
West Island highway plan rolled out on eve of possible election call – Montreal Gazette
CTV news: New Urban Boulevard to be built in west island

Reasons to proceed cautiously
– On this page a simple traffic model shows that capacity is maxed out already during rush hour on 40E. Building a new access road will not necessarily help traffic flow. So why are we building such a road at great cost? On what evidence are they basing their decision?
– Is the minister of transportation actually going to sign an agreement without having made a cost-benefit analysis public? Will they make public their model showing how this road will help traffic flow.
Pierrefonds-Roxboro is already $69 million in debt. How will this new road and expense impact borough debt?
The city of Montreal apparently has a debt of over $5 billion How will this new road and expense impact city debts?
– Will Montreal and Pierrefonds and other cities in the west island, interpret this as full speed ahead for intensifying developments sooner rather than later?
– The project may be presented as a sustainable development project but even then, where is the proof or analysis as to how much this will really help?
– There is the Charbonneau Commission presently ongoing into collusion in the construction industry. We should let the Commission complete its investigations before signing on to new projects that may impact the borough debt and taxes.
– The timing of this announcement is suspect – on the eve of an election, in the middle of construction holiday, not much advance notice to residents.
– Is this the best time to sign such an agreement? Will a signature by the minister tie the hands of future (potentially different) government?
– Why not make this an election issue?

2012-04-21Local Mayors Call for Highway 440 Extention; But will it be a link to nowhere? West End Times

2012-04-05Meaney, Worth still united on 440 extension, The Chronicle

Comments regarding the 2012-04-05 article:

(1) Regarding the 2012-04-05 Chronicle article, Where is the evidence more roads will help?

Where is the evidence supporting the view that more roads will truly help traffic flow in west Pierrefonds?

Pierrefonds Mayor Monique Worth said in regards to the 440 project: “We’ve got to have this to rid commuters of some of the frustration they have to face at rush hour. It’s crucial,” Worth said.

With the millions of dollars at stake here, why does the media not ask Mayor Worth and Mayor Meany what evidence do they have on which to base the statements like the one above and other statements included in the article? Why is the evidence not presented for the public to view?

A simple traffic model like the one available on this page suggests feeding more cars onto highway 40 will not necessarily resolve the congestion problem.

Along with the analysis below, there is an additional analysis available by clicking here.

Lewis Poulin – member of APRPR

(2) Regarding the 2012-04-05 Chronicle article, comments from Mr. Avrom Shtern

Pierrefonds Mayor Monique Worth said in regards to the 440 project: “We’ve got to have this to rid commuters of some of the frustration they have to face at rush hour.

She uses the term « commuters » in the wrong sense. She should be using motorists instead. « Commuters » refers to train passengers who ride local/regional rush hour trains at a reduced or commuted rate or fare.

Secondly, why not the Doney Spur that runs adjacent to Autoroute 40 and could serve 2/3 of the West Island population? Many of our leaders are blind, deaf and mute when it comes to a Euro-style surface metro like tram-train from a future Bois Franc Station along a Metro Line 2 (Orange) extension in St. Laurent in the east to Fairview/St John’s via a tunnel in the centre heading all the way up the 440 corridor to the west.

Avrom David Shtern,
Green Coalition Director and Transportation Spokesperson,
Can a portion of highway 40E accommodate growing traffic volumes?
Considerations from a simple traffic flow model

• Local media Cité Nouvelles and l’Écho de l’Ouest present various views on west island traffic problems
• Through all the discussions, points of views are presented yet not many facts are presented supporting those views
• A simple Excel spreadsheet traffic model (below) was used to evaluate if the volume of traffic flowing onto 40E on Montreal’s west island can be accommodated by highway 40E
• Though various assumptions are used, the model does provide valuable insights

This simple model suggests:
o 2012-01-23 – Should we be focusing on moving people instead of moving cars?
o The maximum capacity of eastbound traffic on this section of highway 40E, using the parameters proposed would be a volume of about 10,500 vehicles per hour
o Under ideal conditions with roads used at full uninterrupted capacity, the boulevards feeding this portion of 40E would send over 25,700 vehicles per hour onto this sections of highway 40E, which is over twice as high as 40E capacity per hour
o Vehicles arriving to 40E from the Boulevards, under ideal conditions, will likely be delayed
o Delays accessing this portion of 40E will likely be made worse since there is also a number of vehicles arriving to this section of 40E from areas to the west of St Charles and from other areas
o If the calculations are correct, it appears that an extra Blvd built in West Pierrefonds would reduce by about 10 minutes the time for the same number of vehicles to reach 40E. This is an ideal scenario calculation.

• If conditions described in the ideal scenario used approaches conditions presently observed in the west island, then it can be asked how will ongoing west island development impact highway 40E congestion further still if thousands more residences are built, as is presently proposed, in some sections of the west island
• Development based on car based transportation will aggravate highway congestion
• Since under ideal conditions, 40E would already be congested, it is not clear that additional boulevards built to feed even more vehicles to 40E will in fact help reduce travel times but in fact extra access to highway 40 may simply make it worse
• Highway 40E is a transportation resource with a fixed capacity and transportation options should be developed that optimize the flow on 40E while at the same time reduce seriously the number of vehicles that are presently used
• Rigorous analyses and cost benefit scenarios should be undertaken for transportation options that reflect the capacity of our infrastructure
• Similar calculations could be extended to highway 20E
• Environmental and Economic considerations should also be rigorously considered

More detailed information on the calculations is presented in the document available here.

The simple excel traffic model is available by clicking here.

The author welcomes verification of the results by a third party.

Other links of interest:

2012-01-23 – Should we be focusing on moving people instead of moving cars?

Mémoire présenté en Sept 2007 sur le plan de transport de la Ville de Montréal

The Man Who Could Unsnarl Manhattan Traffic – A more complex Excel traffic model Charles Komanoff has spent three years building a model of the traffic patterns in New York City. The result is an exhaustive accounting of every mile traveled, every slowdown encountered, and every hour wasted. Below, a rundown of traffic on an average weekday in Manhattan’s central business district

14399 Gouin West – Zone change to 10 storeys

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Agrandir le plan

2011-02-14 – Only 45 signatures collected in register
– Thanks to all who helped and who signed the register.
– Unfortunately, there were only 45 signatures collected. It would have taken at least 74 to stop the zone change.

– A zone change on lots near 14 399 Gouin West would allow 10 storey buildings
– Residents adjacent to the area opposing zone change MUST sign the register on Feb 14 2010 at Borough hall
Click here to view a flyer explaining good reasons to sign the register Feb 14 2011
Click here to view register notice published by the borough

– Register where concerned residents can vote NO and oppose the zone change to 10 storeys

2010-12-20 – 14 399 Gouin West
Deadline for submitting request for a referendum
– Several requests for a register were submitted by residents


18:30 Borough Hall Public Consultation on Zone Change
Changement à 10 étages pour 14399 Gouin O.
– La réunion est à la mairie d’arrondissement

Zone change to 10 storys for 14399 Gouin W.
– The meeting is at borough hall

– Residents opposing zone change can apply for a register (vote) on the issue
– Residents opposing change should sign valid application for register
– By law, borough/city must publish 2nd public notice following consultation/council meeting (Dec 6 2010) where second draft by-law was adopted and in which eligible voters are advised they may request a register
– Public notice likely to be published in Cites Nouvelles Friday, Dec. 10 2010
– Application with signatures of eligible voters must be turned in before the deadline included in the public notice (maximum of 8 calendar days likely means by Dec 18 2010).
– Safer to turn in application early with more signatures and get confirmation before Dec 18 deadline that application is good. This leaves you time to submit a second one if required

2010-12-06 19:00 Monday Conseil / Council
– Réunion ordinaire conseil Pierrefonds-Roxboro Regular council meeting
Ordre du Jour – Français // Agenda – English
– Réunion à la mairie d’arrondissement // Meeting at borough hall
– Note that this council meeting will take place immediately following the 18:30 public consultation on the zone change


November regular Council meeting – Agenda

Please note item 40.02
40.02 Notice of motion AND draft by-law CA29 0040-1
– Modification to zoning by-law CA29 0040 in order to create H3-4-272-2 zone from H3-4-272 1 and H3-4-272 zones and to authorize the use category « dwelling of multifamily (h3) » type of a minimum of 4 dwellings within a detached structure, having a minimum of 4 storeys and a maximum of 10 storeys; the whole on lots 1 842 824, 1842 825 and 1 842 850 of the cadastre of Quebec located on north side of boulevard Gouin Ouest, west of boulevard Saint-Jean

Comment: Note that a 3rd lot has been added here while at the October 12 2010 meeting of the UPAC committee, only two lots were apparently presented.


Urban Planning and Advisory Committee (UPAC) meeting
Agenda published by the Borough, presented the zoning change for 2 lots only.
– At the following Council Meeting on November 1, the zoning change was for 3 lots.
– There are no meeting minutes readily available to residents for this UPAC meeting. TBD if they can be obtained via access to information
Click here for a summary of the meeting as prepared by APRPR

2010-02-09 to 2010-05-31

Public consultation on urban planning and zoning bylaws
– From June 2007 to Feb. 2010 the Borough spent close to $300,000 to harmonize urban planning and zoning bylaws
– From Feb 2010 to May 2010 there were public consultations on these harmonized bylaws
– During the consultation, there was no mention of changing the zoning for lots near 14399 Gouin West to allow 10 stories.
– New harmonized bylaws including new zoning bylaws were adopted in July 2010
– It is interesting that one of the first changes to the new zoning bylaw is to change these lots to allow 10 storeys
Click here to see the questions raised by the APRPR on this issue.

May 2007

– In May 2007, the Borough held a public consultation on modifications it wanted to make the borough’s urban plan
– The consultation was organized by the l’Office de Consultation Publique de Montreal (OCPM )
– In its final report the OCPM notes that residents who participated in the consultation were concerned that the borough would not necessarily respect the urban plan in the future and, like it had done in the past, it could change the zonings to allow tall buildings in lots near the river instead of respecting the urban plan

See page 19 in final report:

Construction density

– Participants expressed concerned about the increased construction density in certain areas, as proposed in draft amendments to the Master Plan39 and zoning by-law.
– They fear densification and higher development, up to 10 and 16 storeys in some cases, which they believe would transform the urban landscape and increase automobile traffic.
– The proposed amendments are announced through the density parameters40 for areas to be built or transformed.

– According to some participants, the specific case of the Manoir Pierrefonds real estate project on Gouin Boulevard West is a good illustration of concerns regarding increased construction density.

– It concerns a low-density area where the borough has authorized the construction of a ten-storey residential building, as permitted by the zoning by-law in force.
– The borough is now proposing to amend the land use designation in the borough chapter to allow a higher density (Sector 18-07), where the construction of a ten-storey building would be permitted.
– Some residents worry about that way of doing things. They fear that when the borough chapter is adopted, it will be easy to make such amendments to it in the future

Links to OCPM documents :
OCPM final report on 2007 urban plan consultation

All documents on the 2007 public consultation can be accessed via this link. then click on the link Documents
– In particular, read the briefs presented by the residents

= = = = = =
Various other links

Pierrefonds-Roxboro Urban Plan

MAMROT: Manual of procedures for modifications to urban planning bylaws – See Annexe 1 in this document

Click here to see how to find the zoning and allowed uses for a lot in the borough

Links to the harmonized zoning bylaw CA29 0040 and its annexes are available by clicking here

See also this APRPR page

14399 Gouin Ouest – Changement de Zonage – 10 étages

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Agrandir le plan

2011-02-14 – Seulement 45 signatures collectées
– Merci à ceux et celles qui ont aidé et qui ont signé le registre.
– Malheureusement, il y a eu seulement 45 signatures quand il en aurait fallu 74 pour arrêter le changement de zonage

– Changement de zonage à 14399 Gouin O. et environs permettra édifices à 10 étages.
– Résidents en proximite s’opposant au changement de zonage DOIVENT SIGNER LE REGISTRE le 14 février 2011 à la mairie de l’arrondissement
Cliquez ici pour voir des bonnes raisons pour signer le registre pour opposer le changement de zonage
Cliquez ici pour lire l’avis sur ce registre publié par l’Arrondissement


– Un registre est prevu auquel les residents concernes pourront voter contre le changement de zonage


2010-12-20 – 14 399 Gouin ouest
Date limite pour soumettre demande d’un registre
– Quelques demandes de registre ont ete soumis a l’arrondissement par divers residents


2010-12-06 – 18:30 Consultation publique sur le changement de zonage
– 18:30 a la maire d’arrondissement Pierrefonds-Roxboro
– Notez qu’une reunion du conseil suivra directement apres la consultation

2010-12-06 – 19:00 Reunion du conseil de Pierrefonds-Roxboro
– details a suivre


2010-11-01 Reunion du conseil Pierrefonds-Roxboro
– Item 40.02 Avis de motion et projet de règlement CA29 0040-1
– Modification au règlement de zonage CA29 0040 afin de créer la zone H3-4-272-2 à même les zones H3-4-272-1 et H3-4-272 et d’autoriser la catégorie d’usages « Habitation de type multifamilial (h3) » de 4 logements minimum en structure isolée, d’un minimum de 4 étages et d’un maximum de 10 étages; le tout sur les lots 1 842 824, 1 842 825 et 1 842 850 (en proximite de 14399 Gouin Ouest du cadastre du Québec situés du côté nord du boulevard Gouin Ouest, à l’ouest du boulevard Saint-Jean.
– Notez qu’un 3e lot est ajoute tandis qu’au CCU du 12 Oct 2010 on avait presente que deux lots


2010-10-12 – Reunion du Comite Consultatif d’Urbanisme (CCU) Pierrefonds-Roxboro

– L’ordre du jour du CCU publie par l’arrondissement presentait le changement de zonage pour 2 lots seulement.
– A la reunion du conseil qui suivra le 1er Nov 2010, le changement de zonage est pour 3 lots
– Il n’y a pas de proces verbal de l’arrondissement disponible au residents pour cette reunion du CCU
Cliquez ici pour un compte rendu de l’APRPR de cette reunion


2010-02-09 a 2010-05-31 – Consultation sur l’harmonisation des reglements de zonage
– De juin 2007 a Fev 2010 l’arrondissement a depense pres de $300,000 pour harmoniser les reglements d’urbanisme, incluant le zonage
– De Fev a Mai 2010 il y a eu une consultation publique sur les reglements de zonage
– Durant tout ce temps, il n’y a pas eu de mention que le zonage passerait a 10 etages pour ce lot
Cliquez ici pour lire les inquietudes de l’APRPR au sujet du processus d’harmonization des reglements


2007-05 – Residents craignent des tours a 10+ etages suite au changement du plan d’urbanisme

– En mai 2007, l’arrondissement offre une consultation publique sur le plan d’urbanisme
– La consultation est menee par l’Office de Consultation Publique de Montreal (OCPM)
– Dans le rapport final de l’OCPM on peut lire que les residents qui ont participes a la consultation publique s’inquietaient que l’arrondissement ne respecterait pas le zonage apres avoir adopte le plan d’urbanisme

– On peut lire comme exemple, à la page 19 du rapport final de l’OCPM

« La densité de construction

Des participants s’inquiètent de l’augmentation de la densité de construction dans certaines zones, comme proposé dans les projets de modification du Plan d’urbanisme et du règlement de zonage. Ils craignent la densification et le développement en hauteur, jusqu’à 10 et 16 étages dans certains cas, ce qui entraînerait, selon eux, la transformation du paysage urbain et l’augmentation de la circulation automobile. Les modifications proposées sont annoncées par les paramètres de densité pour les secteurs à transformer et à construire.

Selon certains participants, le cas particulier du projet immobilier du manoir Pierrefonds sur le boulevard Gouin Ouest illustre bien la préoccupation concernant l’augmentation de la densité de construction. Il s’agit d’un secteur de faible densité où l’arrondissement a autorisé la construction d’un immeuble résidentiel de dix étages, comme le permet le règlement de zonage en vigueur.

L’arrondissement propose maintenant de modifier l’affectation du sol dans le chapitre d’arrondissement pour autoriser une densité plus élevée (secteur 18-07), où la construction d’un bâtiment de dix étages serait permise. Des citoyens s’inquiètent de cette façon de faire. Ils craignent que le chapitre d’arrondissement une fois adopté, puisse être facilement modifié de la sorte à l’avenir. »

Liens aux documents de l’OCPM

Le rapport final de l’OCPM se trouve en cliquant ici
Tous les documents de cette consultation se trouve a ce lien (cliquez ensuite sur documents)
– En particulier, lisez le memoires qui avaient ete presentes par des residents


Divers liens utiles

Plan d’urbanisme Pierrefonds-Roxboro

MAMROT: Manuel de procedures – modifications aux reglements d’urbanisme – Voir Annexe 1 dans ce document

Cliquez ici pour voir comment trouver le zonage pour un terrain. Après avoir utilisé le lien précédent, il serait prudent de vérifier l’information avec les copies officielles des règlements au lien qui suit dessous.

Cliquez ici pour accéder à des liens aux règlements de zonage harmonisés de Pierrefonds-Roxboro